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tv   Headline News  RT  May 1, 2013 8:00am-8:29am EDT

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they have been a clergyman fair wages and rights for some protests turned violent. middle east are in jeopardy egypt pulls out of atomic israel's and. its fleet of submarines its nuclear capabilities. and where the classic seat contemporary renowned prepares to raise the curtain on its second toria backstage between the most expensive cultural projects ever. costing live from moscow you're watching. now it's
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a global day of action against the poor wages in the road rights as workers worldwide marched to make their voices heard in turkey a rally turned violent with riot police called in to break up demonstrations. to our europe correspondent peter all of whom has more on this for us. well if you can still see you there we will hopefully a few technical problems but you're back. there would have some to shout about record high unemployment announced only yesterday. that's right and it's not just in the e.u. may the first has become a global day of action we've seen demonstrations take place in the far east in places like indonesia the philippines and south korea where workers have been out on the streets campaigning for their own rights also to higher wages and better treatment especially in the philippines of guest workers there we've seen those demonstrations going on ahead of course they are far ahead of time compared to
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where i am here in germany. also demonstrations taking place right across the whole globe in cuba we've seen demonstrators there coming out and saying that they need a better. they need better treatment from their employers also in turkey we've seen demonstrations there well quite nasty indeed we have some some pictures from turkey that shows just how violent those protests those demonstrations turned clashes with police took place there i'm also hearing from some of the people i'm speaking to in turkey that sewage was sprayed onto demonstrators by the police there i can confirm that the moment that's something that i've been told by people who were in the crowds in istanbul now also demonstrations taking place in the middle east in iraq we've seen demonstrators out in streets campaigning for rights there as well but here in europe the demonstrations have taken on not so much an air of the workers' rights but
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a chance to vent anger against the the way that the crisis the financial crisis has been handled or mishandled here in europe depending on how you view it we've seen demonstrations around eighty cities in spain spain of course who announced record high levels of unemployment last week over six million people in spain are out of work for the country's ever seen also record numbers of unemployment where we've seen demonstrations and in greece as a general strike taking place. as. people come out to come out just this week in fact we saw fifteen thousand government jobs disappear with the the signing of a pen with the stroke of a pen as the government tries to make more cuts and so we can see more bailout money from the e.u. and here in germany well demonstrations took place on tuesday we saw violent clashes between anti fascist campaign is in place and we are expecting
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a little later on wednesday to see some form of demonstrations take place to take place by far right demonstrators as well as other groups protesting up and down the length and breadth of the country so this really is a global day of action i'm here in berlin i'll keep you up to date in everything that happens from here but also what's going on around the rest of the world on this may day ok peter thanks so much for that update on those waves of workers discontent spread worldwide artie's people of those questioning whether economic chaos mountains of debt of no to a global crisis of capitalism. israel is about to add to its fleet of submarines which i thought capable of launching
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nuclear armed missiles the country still denies possessing atomic weapons but the suspicion is enough to remain a deep source of regional tension was sufficient to make egypt walk out of nuclear talks on monday in our expense. carlos is it is withdrawing from a second week of the nonproliferation treaty talks in geneva in protest against what it is calling the failure to implement a nine hundred ninety five resolution for a middle east free of nuclear weapons not a cairo argument is an implicit reference to israel that has never either confirmed or denied having nuclear arms and it is also not a signatory to the nonproliferation treaty arab states and iran say that israel's presumed nuclear arsenal poses a threat to peace in the middle east as well as security in a statement by the egyptian foreign ministry its it was pulling out of the talks to quote send a strong message of non acceptance of the continued lack of seriousness in dealing
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with the establishment of a nuclear free zone in the middle east caro went on to say that it cannot continue waiting forever for the implementation of this with a new sion now the egyptians are calling on member states and international bodies to be able sponsibility again quoting implementing legitimate international resolutions the argument however from the israeli side as well as the american side is that a nuclear arms freezone in the middle east chemically a reality until there is a broader arab israeli peace plan in place and iran could see its nuclear program the meeting currently underway in geneva is aimed at reviewing progress in implementing the nine hundred seventy nonproliferation treaty which is designed to prevent the spread of nuclear arms across the world well there are calls for washington in brussels to step in british m.p. german colgan who's also from the campaign for nuclear disarmament says otherwise the usual consequences might be devastating. well israel depends very heavily on
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trade with the european union and military aid from the united states we need action urgently by those two key players in the situation to put the most enormous pressure on on israel either through sanctions or withdrawing or lift or lifting the trade agreement which also has a human rights clause within israel we know has nuclear weapons and has the land based system to deliver them and could have a single system any country in the region that has a nuclear power system turkey egypt saudi arabia all could develop their own nuclear weapons if they wish to clearly the danger now is very nuclear arms race in the middle east with all the terrible consequences that that could bring about if ever they should be used by the editor of palestine clinical dot com told r.t. it's wrong to hope western powers will rush to stop israel's alleged nuclear
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program because they made it possible in the first place. if israel was going to listen they would have listened decades ago but again the israel is dealing with the situation where there's i would say an international conspiracy to allow israel to continue with its quest for nuclear armament if it were not for western countries now germany but also britain originally france the united states even israel would have not been able to acquire such massive destructive capability as some estimates with them at two hundred nuclear warheads but others say about four hundred if not even more there is absolutely no need for israel to develop enough weapons to destroy the middle east several times over in the name of security you can't be achieving security at the expense of world peace. or former u.s. president george w. bush says he's comfortable about having on this the iraq war washington believes the end of the fight and means we look at exactly what state invasions left iraq
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and today plus. coming up the u.s. reportedly prepared to send lethal weapons to the syrian opposition as president obama vows to move a chemical has been used by the syrian government stays quiet about the rebels thanks to the program. on the streets of east london the sharia patrols are still in force police have tried locking them up and local religious leaders have disowned them but it's not stopping the group from trying to coerce britons into a strict islamist code that muslims own not so first looks at why. but it isn't this invention dantes find someplace where lorne unsuspecting members of the public first hit the headlines there was an outcry in britain well since then some arrests have been made found out self-titled most of the patrols are still in operation in the muslim community we continue to patrol the streets and when the boss is in
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these difficulties this group called themselves the shari'a project. they make a point of differentiating themselves from the more hardline missile and patrol his videos call such anger with things like this we almost. got it i were drawn to. our work. a little longer a little bit calmer and really focused on our control on this patrol they say that whilst they share many of the same piece as the other patrols they've never employed the same question tactics. of the back. i mean look at the polls i can say that is commendable but. some kind of action against you know these things take place. there are actual actions and that's something that we've seen you think that's
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a way to do things my approach as a muslim is to advise my muslim brothers i see you do an action. always advise me to say what is better for many in the mainstream muslim community these close things to concern but if it is ensuring widespread media coverage many muslim leaders have condemned their actions and present. these individuals are a fringe minority you know they don't represent the muslim community there's two point seven million muslims in the case and they you know they would never. this type of behavior both the groups were very clear to us they have peaceful and kitchens some of the members are alleged to be involved with the more extreme trolls one member served three and a half years in prison on charges of terrorist fundraising and inciting terrorism a vis the us to take him on to make his more hardline gays known to all the land to
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go to hell i believe so because i believe those who disbelieve in the oneness of god defining this vision would be the end point anyway and those laws that they establish with that would go with them would for how. they settle into the empire so i have no respect for visual whatsoever i asked the leader of the sharia project whether he was concerned by statements like that i said you know if you take it from the houses approach then i don't think you fix the country and we are grateful we were doing no shouting protesting your food before you started to sharif richard you something don't really trust. your day to day this in many base amongst the muslim and the why to push this community there are worries not just about the actions but about the potential repercussions the relatively small minority kids have on a much larger scale so. london. will be back with more international news in just a couple of minutes stay with us. sigrid
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talk about here without me or more than two hundred people have been killed in iraq in less than a week as fears grow that the latest surge and bought and says seen the country slide into civil war and its accounting looks at the iraq war the sea and the us before as a glory to regrets. major combat operations in iraq have ended in the battle of iraq the united states and around. half prevailed president george w. bush delivered a message on may the first two thousand and three a declaration of success followed by years of bloody war when bush made that speech i was in the military and public affairs that was the stated mission you know
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liberation and frito for iraqis and it didn't seem to me like that happening because there was all this violence that was her head she waited by our presence for years after the speech as many americans and the whole world saw iraq as a part mire washington decided to send in twenty thousand more troops that search cost the u.s. the lives of more than a thousand soldiers and many billions of dollars of taxpayers' money on his deathbed of the iraq war veteran thomas young wrote a letter to george w. bush and dick cheney. was. both like you'd born and a terrible line in the church of american politics sometimes even doubting success can be perceived as blasphemous that's been true for the rack surge even today will you correct or incorrect when you said that the search would be the most dangerous foreign policy blunder in this country since viet nam we are correct or incorrect
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by retro my reference to the surge and jeanne what is your hundred hegel the question is we right or wrong my answer is i'll defer that judgment to history i think history has already made a judgment about the surge or and you're on the wrong side of it chuckles reference to vietnam was not on call years into the vietnam war even if most americans are gone that there is a mistake thousands of u.s. troops continue to die because washington didn't want to admit i want to have to die and so that president nixon won't be and these are his words the first president to lose a war supporters of produce a three will treat him markedly regarding iraq and history that is being lived iraqis today is one that has neither peace nor security in a country ripped apart by terror security and violence and use of a looming civil war in washington i'm going to. in the final terrifying moments of a cargo jumbo jet capture about vehicle grammy base in afghanistan and the images
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you're about to see graphic. show the plane it seems to stall up a new altitude for a meeting to the ground in one second american will want to know what crews are trying to. even though the u.s. government is avoiding using chinese i.t. is it suspect spies the pentagon is spending a small fortune to boerum beijing something like. find out what's driving americans use its bitter rivals hardware. two teenagers have been killed in a powerful blast that hit the capital of dagestan and russia's north caucasus explosive device went off near a bustling marketplace also injuring
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a bystander details now from artie's office going off. the blast was reportedly caused by an explosive device installed in a metal tube wrapped in some sort of a package witnesses say that it was her old towards the entrance of a shop from a car passing by any detonated when two teenagers tried opening the package they died on the spot several others were injured when the whole area is clearly blocked by authorities of the bomb squad is there investigators are also at the scene right now it's all unclear whether it's a terrorist attack or this is happening in the middle child care of russia southern republic of. clearly one of the most volatile regions in the country where acts of terror attacks on authorities have become common events and are often linked to organizations a link to international terror groups alluding al-qaeda syria's rebels may soon get lethal american weaponry senior u.s.
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officials say barack obama is gearing up to take a more aggressive the well among. the president told reporters there's evidence that chemical arms have been used in syria and threatened action even further to president assad report not takes up the story. the only option that he gave was a scenario in which he said if the u.s. finds out that the syrian government has used chemical weapons against the rebels then obama strongly indicated that the u.s. would consider military intervention but he did not address what would happen if it was in fact the rebels or members of the station that have used chemical weapons throughout this ongoing conflict but at this point iraq obama says that u.s. intelligence officials don't know who has used chemical weapons inside of syria how they were used or whether they were used in the meantime damascus and the opposition have repeatedly accused one another of using chemical weapons one of the
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many sensitive issues obama address was the issue of closing the prison at guantanamo bay he said the idea that the u.s. would still detain a group of individuals indefinitely without trial is contrary to the interests reputations and morals of america while the u.s. president has shown his strong will to close the prison he lacks a necessary support from congress and that support is what would give obama the authority and the funding to close the prison and now obama's comments come of course as the hunger strike at guantanamo bay prison enters its fourth day this is a story that our team first reported back in march and has continued to cover we were among the first to cover it. for to you extra navy medical staff are being sent in to assist with over one hundred inmates refusing food one ton of a. paycheck and stone things washington is on the pressure to improve its tanishq image. u.s. authorities are in damage control mode now because they know that with every
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prisoner who dies in guantanamo bay the negative attention of the world is going to be focused on guantanamo bay and the shame that it has brought upon the united states of america the crimes that have been you can only wonder what they are still being created in guantanamo bay by the united states will not go away and the. attention of the world to negative attention is focused on these crimes well it is grilled prison officials detainees lawyers activists and even representatives to get a full account of what's going on at guantanamo bay i can for the developments at r.t. dot com. the world renowned learn ski theatre in st petersburg has a rich musical legacy stretching back centuries and now it's branching out by launching a brand new second venue risky to opens on thursday from isis to dazzle visitors both on and off stage than let's say has taken a tour of what is the most expensive cultural projects ever.
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taking ten yes reach premie and i'd although it's not come cheap at some seven hundred thirty million dollars bad what audiences will get is a seventy nine thousand square building and to accommodate today's most demanding productions on my car grand the aging sister every one of the two thousand people in la in sixty eight to choose auditorium will be able to see every inch of the stage no blind spots even on the roof and i'll stress school at p.p. at the end terrace open the case and peter see it a boss is a clear that it's the next generation of audiences in this sights. were never should we have this feeling. that these. first. few years this is my favorite
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i still. hear. every corner of the muddy and ski fitted to captures your i and i wanted to find out a little bit more about how the all key textures the were able to combine both the old muddy and ski together with this contemporary inviting and very vibrant space. fortean says the classic home ox of the eighteenth and nineteenth century opera house is a horseshoe shaped three balconies a tried and trusted designed to carry both grand scale and wide intimacy but there's a twenty first century twist smart walls so that even the father spectator catches even the why does knights backstage the marines is like a factory seen giles of flying towers and axes areas designed to operate so that sets can be moved quickly and easily so productions can be staged back to back the
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opening night god on the second of may three days of launch performances a district in general director valerie caregiver will conduct an area of stars including placido domingo over brody and renee pumping in the words of you to stick direct to himself the programs the inaugural festival way chosen to demonstrate the extraordinary range of the company and the new theatre space with all phases of contemporary oprah ballet and. to bomb would say our team. will be there from a to go opening premiere starting on thursday you can join us for our special coverage sometimes words just aren't enough. venezuela's busy in debate quite what you'd expect some opposition lawmakers were injured in
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a brawl after being assaulted by government supporters the fists flew when leaders of the socialist party protested against a proposal barring them from speaking the national assembly lest they accept the presidency when opposition candidate dismisses the election results and wants a recount. to fifty one percent when. the world news of canada is for twelve point one billion dollars which is missing from its anti terror budget what's a general says he can't trace a quarter of a spent on the thirteen billion dollar program in the last decade and called for greater control of a financial records on government spending. up next it's other martin and breaking a set.
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of world. science technology innovations all the news developments from around russia we've got the future covered. money scheme unmade is that going to be a big name money in stevia to to you which is both a cultural contemporary i don't technologically savvy auditorium so joining me to almost say on the road see i made the second as we bring you the glitz the glamour and the best of the best in the pool full may not. have marines to team.
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to live on one hundred thirty three bucks a month for food i should try it because you know how fabulous bad luck i got so. i mean to tell you how i know that i'm sitting seems really really messed up. and we're all very slow motion we apologize that's. the worst you're going through. right now superman the radio guy and for a minute. what we're about to give you've never seen anything like this i'm told. lots of guys i mean martin and this is great on the sets when you hear about big bank c.e.o.'s running away with millions of dollars in taxpayer funds for their bonuses takers wish that you could just arrest these criminals yourselves well
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that's exactly what one twenty two year old tried to do his name is melvin willis is an activist from berkeley california who drove seven hundred miles to salt lake city for a wells fargo shareholders meeting three attempted to place c o two john stumpf under citizen's arrest melvin said the idea that c.e.o.'s are too big to jail is an outrage in the work for the citizens arrest he cited offenses such as a legally foreclosing on homes and racially discriminating against mortgage our applicants of course moment make it too far he was quickly his. scored on the building by security but it doesn't matter because his message will transcend his action a message that signals americans growing disdain against a two tiered justice system it's only a matter of time before the people in this country realize like melvin willis already has that if our government won't step up and prosecute wall street criminals then it's up to the people to ensure that those fat cat bankers pay the
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real price so why wait break the set. and look like. you've never seen anything like. this past presidential election was truly an indicator of a growing minority in this country one that searching for an alternative political ideology from the dominant or.


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